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Dr. Miyazaki was fantastic! Very knowledgeable, and thorough in her explanation of the test results. I really appreciated that she didn't do any upselling at all. She told us about further options in diagnosing the issues our cat was having, but was also realistic in terms of urgency and immediate need for further diagnostics. They were also very clear about prices and there were no surprises when I checked out.Also, the vet technician and both ladies at the front desk were very friendly and helped create a warm, inviting environment.

- Eli L.
Los Angeles, CA
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place before because it's long overdue. We absolutely love this place. We have been going here for about 15 years, and have never had anything to complain about. We currently have two dogs who regularly see Dr. Galea. Years ago, he took incredible care of my mom's dog who was diagnosed with cancer, and was able to keep him healthy and happy for two extra years, which was meant the world to my mom. Read more
- C G.
Culver City, CA
Back in LA and back to Dr. Galea. This place sometimes gets pretty busy and you have to wait. Dr. Galea always seems like he's doing 10 things at once. But he's a very knowledgeable vet.

The place is really clean and staff is friendly and helpful..

- Laura D.
Los Angeles, CA
Great service, nice people. Clean and very organized. Very helpful in explaining what was going on with my cat. Definitely recommend this place!

- Karen F.
Los Angeles, CA
I've been bringing my dog Layla here for about a year and she's always received wonderful treatment from everyone on the staff.However, I recently brought in a stray kitten I found and the staff went so far above and beyond what I expected that I have to really commend them. I brought the kitten in with no appointment and Dr. Galea squeezed me in, no problem. This kitten had wandered in to my classroom and the plan was that I'd take it to the vet to get checked out, and a friend of mine would foster it until we could find a home. Dr. Galea did the exam for free, which was wonderful. He ran a ... Read more
- Emma K.
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
2nd time here, sadly it was to put down my almost 18 yr old cocker mix who could not stand any more. I met Dr. Orenich who said I might want to try an anti inflammation pill first as she was still eating and drinking. Within 2 days she was up again. 3 weeks later now she is very active and doing well. I have gone back for blood work and Dr. Orenich has been consulting me by phone. Seems to really care, no hard core upselling either. Very pleased and will make them my vet now, not just to put down my senior dogs!
- Eric G.
Los Angeles, CA
This past week I took my dog into the office because she was vomiting for a few hours and not keeping fluids down. I called the office and was not a patient at the time but the lady that answered was so nice and concerned about our baby that she fit us in within 30 mins to be seen.When we arrived, the office was so clean and the receptionist and techs were so accommodating! The doctor was also very concise with his prognosis and treatment plan. I did have a bit of a hard time understanding him because of his French accent but that was hardly a complaint.Turns out our pup had a potentially ... Read more
- Jennifer W.
Beverly Hills, CA
Found this place when I was in a bind because my chihuahua was very sick and lethargic and I needed to take him somewhere last minute on a Saturday. I called around and the receptionist here told me they were booked for the day but said she would check and see if she could squeeze me in. I really appreciated that because I was upset and wanted to make sure my dog would be okay. She came back on the line and said if we came right now the doctor could see us. This was music to my ears. Read more
- Annie D.
Cleveland, OH
Very kind people and also very knowledgable with dogs. My dog went in with an eye infection and my dog Shadow was prescribed with an antibiotic eyed drop that quickly cleared the problem up. I had a great experience here with very friendly staff members and a very educated japanese vet. Thank you!
- Winston L.
Arcadia, CA
Great team!

You can tell they actually care about our pets.They're also beyond generous. We were playing a bit of a waiting game with Hugo our kitty who had some mineral crystal build up in his bladder.Doc said to bring him by every morning for a quick ultra sound until his urine wasn't bloody anymore and to make sure his urethra wasn't blocked (and preventing us from having to pay for a $$$ surgery to unblock his lil bladder AND scare us half to death with worry). Read more
- Marge A.
Los Angeles, CA