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Pet Vaccinations in Culver City, CA

When you need animal vaccinations for your pet in the Culver City, CA, area, visit our experienced team at Sepulveda Animal Hospital. Established in 1998, Sepulveda Animal Hospital has been providing quality pet care for many years. We are members of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, and the California Veterinary Medical Association.
Veterinary Care — Pug Puppy and European Short Hair Kitten in Culver City, CA
Protect Your Pet’s Health

You love your pet. Your dog, cat, or other animal is an essential member of your family, which is why you know it’s important to keep your animal friend happy and healthy.

One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is through pet vaccinations. Even if your pet is kept indoors most of the time, they might still be susceptible to airborne diseases, visiting animals, or potentially getting outside by accident. Places with other pets, such as parks or grooming salons, could expose your pet to a disease without you realizing it.

Animal vaccinations help your pet’s body prepare to fight diseases your pet may encounter. In addition to well-known diseases like rabies, pet vaccinations can protect your pet against other severe diseases such as parvovirus, hepatitis, influenza, Lyme disease, kennel cough, feline leukemia, and other types of bacterial and viral infections.

In addition to keeping your beloved pet healthy, many vaccinations are required by law from the city or state you live in. Don’t leave your pet vulnerable to disease or yourself venerable to legal consequences.
Bring Your Pet in for an Appointment

At Sepulveda Animal Hospital in Culver City, CA, we’ll help you and your pet feel happy and comfortable when it’s time for pet vaccinations. We are a family-owned facility, and our staff is fluent in several languages include English, French, Japanese, and Spanish so we can help people and their pets without language barriers. Call us today at 310-397-0774 for an appointment.